My Top Vampire Animes

As the end of the spooky season draws closer to the end I thought this would be the perfect time to write this post. However, I’ve watched 6 vampire animes and only have liked 4 of them. Hence, why I can’t name the post “Top 5 Vampire Animes”. Now let’s stop this chitchat and get on with it.

1. Servamp


Major class vampires designed after the 7 deadly sins need a human “eve” in order to be controlled and told what to do. SerVamp short for Servant Vampire follows the main characters Sleepy Ash of Sloth “Kuro” and Mahiru. They’re just living their lives when it’s found out that actually there’s an 8th deadly sin known as Melancholy, who well turns their lives inside out and upside down.

I found this anime at the beginning of 2017 when I believe it was still fairly new. I watched it all in one sitting well practically one sitting, I fell in love with all the different character type and the different relationships built between the characters. Also, it does have a slight bit of gore I believe its something nearly everyone can enjoy.

2. Chibi Vampire (Karin)


Have you ever heard of a reverse vampire? No? Well that’s what Karin Maaka is, born into a family of regular vampires she is the middle child and not only hiding the secret of being a vampire at school she has to deal with the fact that she is different from everyone around her. This hasn’t posed much of an issue until one day a new transfer student arrives at her school and her blood goes haywire.

I watched this anime for the first time in the summer of 2015 or 2016 I don’t remember for sure but I love it the characters are almost real life with their own quirks and how clumsy they are and just the realness is what makes me love this anime so much. They’re also some really cute moments which I live for. 😍

3. Shiki

I know this is probably coming to shock for most of you because of how highly I speak about this anime on here.

The small town of Sotoba where everyone knows everyone and everything. When suddenly people start randomly dying and it soon determined that there is now an epidemic spreading throughout Sotoba.

I found this anime in July except I only watched the first 2 episodes, then I watched it fully in September and fell in love with it. Although it has a bunch of gore especially towards the end the fact that it is told in 3 perspectives makes it so unique.

4. Vampire Knight

Yuki and Zeros stepfather forms a school for both humans and vampires alike. Day class and night class. The vampires aren’t allowed to take blood from the students. However, all the vampires seem to have a fascination with Yuki.

I found this anime probably in 2015 on Netflix while procrastinating World History homework.

Animes I’ve Watched But Didn’t Like

1. Moon Phase

Honestly, I don’t remember much. This one dude goes to an old house and meets this Lolita vampire and then she starts to follow him around.

It was creepy and weird and I just plain didn’t like it.

2. Diabolik Lovers

Based off a video game (I think) this girl Yui gets dropped off in front of a nice house and is greeted by 5 vampire brothers who all want her.

There are very mixed feelings for this anime so I know I might get some backlash but honestly, I find it creepy and little off-putting.

And honestly, that’s all the vampire animes I’ve watched which are honestly a little surprising since when I was little I was hardcore obsessed with anything vampire related.

As always: I do not own anything I don’t own the storylines or the plot and I got the pictures from Google Images.


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