First Impressions: Free! Dive into the Future

I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far and before I continue yes, I am watching it in the dubbed form. That’s how I first started watching Free! so I felt it was only right to continue it that way.

Dive into the future.png

I love love love the fact that I pretty much get to grow up alongside them. I started watching Free! when I was in high school. A couple months before my junior year in high school. Now the characters are enrolled in college and so am I. I love these characters and they are so close and dear to my heart.

The Main Cast:

As to expect these are the main characters of Dive into the Future. It runs pretty much parallel to Starting Days, however, with a burning passion I hate Ikuya’s voice. To me, he sounds like a 56-year-old man. And I miss Asahi’s slightly longer and more childish hairstyle.

They also show in the intro a butt load of brand new characters.


Well maybe not a butt load, but honestly I can tell we’ll be seeing a bunch of people from Starting Days in new ways that we never thought possible. Though I doubt we will see much of our 4 boys left in high school.

I’m so excited to see more of Kisumi. I absolutely fell in love with him during Starting Days and I’m living for him to have more time on screen.

One thing I’ve noticed that kinda irritates me is the people keep saying the Haru is a copy of Ikuya when clearly, even Nao saw this, that in Starting Days Ikuya did everything that Haru did. He did this to the point that he was copying his swimming style.

My Predictions:

Haru and Ikuya are going to see how alike they are and its gonna be a competition similar to that of Haru and Rin.

Someone is going to get between Haru and Makoto and there will be hecka tension for some of the season.

Kisumi and Asahi will be canon. (Honestly, this is more of a hope than anything else I just think they are incredibly cute together.)

Thanks to Tumblr I already know that we are getting another season/addition of Free! in 2020 (I believe I am remembering correctly.)

I’m really excited to binge watch this and honestly, I’m a little mad at myself for waiting so long to get this post up so, I’m going to keep this post short and simple and let the binge-watching commence.

As stated in every post, I do not own anything. I don’t own the story, the characters or the pictures used throughout this post. All rights go to the proper owners.



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