Anime Review: Ghost Hunt

I think I said this in my binge post but Ghost Hunt is one of my all time favorite animes. I’ve actually seen it about 3 or 4 times. It’s only appropriate that I review it as it was the first anime I finished for the Halloween binge.


I’m only going to go over the main characters that are directly related to SPR as there is a wide variety of different characters case to case.

Naru: He’s 17 years old and the head of Shibuya Psychic Research. He doesn’t have supernatural abilities himself and is classified more like a ghost hunter. He tries not to harm the spirits and goes based on gut instinct some of the time.

Mai: She is a 16-year-old high school student who gets tricked into becoming Naru’s assistant. She’s actually the one who gave him the nickname of Naru: The Narcissist. She’s a latent psychic and has an overwhelming sense to do right for everyone and not just herself.

Lin: He is very quiet and often doesn’t seem to speak or do much but he is always doing anything that Naru asks. His supernatural abilities are that he is an omnyoji, meaning that the evil spirits he has defeated now serve as his personal Shiki.

Monk: Well um, if you can’t figure out by his nickname he’s a Buddhist Monk. He exercises spirits and knows some warding magic.

Ayako: She is a high priestess who works best when around trees and nature.

Masako: She is a tv star and is also a spirit medium and sense when spirits are around and often is possessed by them.

John: He is 19 and practices the ancient art of exorcism he was ordained by a Catholic church back in Australia.

Yasu: He is a high schooler that SPR helped his school out during one of their cases. They asked Yasu to help on another case which is why I have included him here.

Favorite Characters: John, Monk, and Naru

Least Favorite Characters: Lin and Masako

Spoilers Ahead

The  Cases:

I’ve decided to briefly go over each case since the plot of the anime does follow on consecutive storyline so explaining plot would be summed up by “SPR is an organization that hunts ghosts when they are asked to.”

Evil Spirits All Over!?

The old school house next to the school Mai attends is trying to be rebuilt to be an extension of the current school. However, whenever any work is done on it horrific event happen. The principal called in SPR to see if there were any spirits and all the other specialists.

The Doll House

SPR was called to see what was going on with the house ever since her brother left for a trip: Furniture is being knocked over, knocking noises and banging on the walls.

The After School Hexer

This girl is recognized and then shunned for being able to bend spoons. Her school begins to fear her as they think she is the one putting curses on the students and faculty at her school.

Ghost Story in the Park!?

In the park, there is this strange case that when couple starts getting “too” close, water from seemingly nowhere is dropped on top of them.

Silent Christmas

This orphanage plays a version of hiding and goes seek which causes a little boy to go missing.

Forbidden Pastime

Students are messing around with ouija boards and are actually summoning low-level spirits.

The Bloodstained Labyrinth

People start disappearing when they enter this house, but why?

The Cursed House

Worship went wrong? This is the grand finale so I’m not really going to give anything away.

Favorite Cases: Ghost Story in the Park!?, The Bloodstained Labyrinth

Least Favorite Cases: Evil Spirits All Over!?, The After-School Hexer


I love that every case is different and unique. Each character brings there own energy to the show which helps keep you looking for more. I love the fact that every character is devout to their own religion and nothing can shake them of that. They all get along with each other for the most part which really helps the atmosphere of the show have lightness inside all of the dark moments.

There’s no to much gore, it’s not horribly scary, I believe this is a show everyone should watch at least once in their life. It just has a different feel to it.

Once again, I do not own the storyline, the character or the pictures I used in this blog post. All rights belong to their proper owners.




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