Parasyte The Maxim: First Episode Impressions

This will contain spoiler there is no other way around it however it is just the first episode so if you want to watch that first and then read, I would highly recommend it. (Some pictures will be gruesome so beware)


This anime a little different than what I was expecting, which honestly I don’t even know what that is. You have the main character Shinichi Izumi, who is the average high schooler. He studies, he goes to school, he comes home and does well normal teenager stuff he is friends with what is depicted in the first episode to be 2 of his female classmates. Oh, and did I mention he is terrified of insects. (Which I 100% relate with).


The parasite’s main goal is to get into a human’s brain and eat it thus taking over it. Shinichi escapes this by cutting off the circulation to his arm rendering the parasite unable to reach its destination. My only issue with this is we are never shown how fast the parasite was able to move up his arm so how do we know he would have even been able to cut off that much circulation in the first place. Regardless, that’s how the anime portrays it. He ends up taking control of Shinichi’s right hand.


This is when the animation gets really interesting and cool. All the character have a generic appearance, there’s no pink hair or absurd outfits that show where the main focus of the story is going to be. Instead, the parasites are able to manipulate the parts of the body they inhabit. The motions are so fluid because they aren’t constructed with the same genetic makeup as humans are. Therefore, making the possibilities endless; Like with how the dog was able to produce wings in order to find Shinichi faster. I love this because I think this is such a unique idea. Many would think that the parasites would have their own set of genetic limitations but it doesn’t really seem that way.

I mean with the parasite in Shinichi’s hand clearly stats that once they’ve matured in a specific location inside their host they can’t move away from there.

What this 1st episode did for me:

It made me want to watch more, unlike the first episode of Shiki where I thought Megumi was so annoying, this one made me want to watch episode after episode after episode. It did a fantastic job at introducing the characters and didn’t just barf information at you. It explained in a way that most people will understand with ease. The animation style is really what hooked me though. Anyways, even though I’ve only watched one episode I recommend this anime.

I’ll see you guys later with a new post,


Also, I do not own anything here. The story of Parasyte: the Maxim belongs to its proper owns along with the characters involved in it. And the picture is not mine I got them from Google Images. I own nothing here except for my opinions


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