Anime Review: Shiki

Holy wow did I just find the best gem ever? I’m freaking obsessed with this anime and I just finished it. Normally I let myself wait a day or two before writing a review but I just can’t wait. We’ll start this how I normally do it and go straight into characters.


I will break this down into 3 categories the main characters, the Kirishiki and the reoccurring roles based off of I will not be listing everyone do to the fact that almost all the villagers in Sotoba are probably mentioned a few times so I’m going to do the ones I feel have a lasting impact on the anime as a whole.

Main Trio

Natsuno Yuuki: A city kids who fathers decide to move him and his family to the small town of Sotoba. He has a hard time adjusting and wants desperately to get back into a major city. He’s an intelligent kid who catches on easily.

Toshio Ozaki: He is the head doctor at the clinic his family has run for well as long as the anime showed. He believes it is his job to keep the entire town healthy and as far away from death as possible.

Seishin Muroi: His father is the head monk at the temple and he is the junior monk. He goes around offering prayers to the people in need of them. He also writes horror novels on the side as a hobby and has quite a few published. (goals)

The Kirishiki: 

The Kirishiki family: They are a new family to the town of Sotoba, they paid for a European style mansion to be built on top of Kanemasa. They arrive to move in during the middle of the night which confirms the villager’s suspicions that they are strange. It doesn’t stop there as soon as they moved in and made their first appearance in Sotoba that when the epidemic started.

Recurring Roles:

Tatsumi: Is the loyal servant of the Kirishiki’s.

Megumi Shimizu: Desperately wants to escape into a big city and never look back on the small town life of Sotoba. However, her plans don’t really work out.

Kaori Tanaka: Is a childhood friend of Megumi’s. She does what she is supposed to but sometimes can be well a wimp.

Akira Tanaka: Kaori’s little brother who always tries to put on a brave face and do what he feels is right. He looks up to Natsuno since Natsuno is a person of action and that’s what Akira wants to be like.

Ritsuko Kunihiro: She is a loyal nurse to the Ozaki clinic, her entire life she has wanted to help people.

Tohru Mutou: He has lived in Sotoba his entire life and is friendly to everyone he takes a warm liking to Natsuno and is the only one that is allowed to call Natsuno by his first name. He wants to show everyone the kindness he thinks they deserve.

Masao Murasako: In a few words all he really does in the show is to whine, I’m not too sure what his main purpose is.

Kyoko Ozaki: She is the wife of Toshio Ozaki and isn’t a permanent resident of Sotoba. She runs a fashion store in a bigger city. She is the reason Toshio collects so much information about the epidemic that has spread through Sotoba.

Favorite Characters: Natsuno Yuuki, Tohru Mutou, Akira Tanaka and of course Tatsumi ♥.♥



Shiki takes place is small, mountain village known as Sotoba. By a small village, I mean roughly 1,300 live in Sotoba. Sotoba is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains and trees which force it into a narrow triangle. There is also only one road that leads to the main city neighboring it.


I’ve brushed over this idea briefly while introducing you to the characters but I’m going to try my best to explain it without being too terribly repetitive and not spoil everything.

Sotoba. A small town in the rural country. Known primarily for its coffins and tombstones due to the mass quantities of wood available to them. In this town, daily life is more of a routine than anything else, which has a small shudder when the Kirishiki’s move in. Then some type of unidentifiable epidemic breaks out.

Spoilers starting now!

The beginning is presented in 3 different perspectives through from they’re own experiences figure out that its Okiagri. Which I think is a wonderful way to show multiple perspectives instead of all them already knowing each other and coming to the conclusion together. My favorite being Natsuno.

He is one of the newest additions to the town which in my opinion is why he is one of the first ones to catch on that it is actually the Okiagri. He knows he’s not dreaming when he sees Megumi bite Tohru and when he his told the old legend of Sotoba he is 88% sure.

It is really convenient tho that hardly anyone thinks of the old legend of Okiargi when everyone starts dropping dead for practically any reason at all. Honestly, I’m not too sure if I’m remembering correctly but I’m sure it was Tohru’s younger brother who told Natsuno about the Okiagri and Toshio comes to the conclusion all on his own. This proves that both the young and the old alike know about the Okigari. True, it is told that it’s as a way to get kids to behave better but honestly there more truth than you think in just scary stories.

I love this anime so much so this review will not be last you will see of this anime on here I plan to do much more with it.

Anyways, I think I’ve said all that my brain can handle and I’m really close to 1,000 words so I’mma stop before I get too ahead of myself. I’ll leave you with a picture of Tatsumi though.

Tatsumi Kirishiki

Sources that aided me

And of course Google Images

I own nothing for this anime: The story, the characters, and lastly the pictures all belong to their proper owners and not me!



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