I’m back guys and hope for a lot longer this time.

Let’s be real no one likes these empty promise posts and really are here mostly for anime reviews. Which I will still be doing but I am going to add a few things in

The main priority will probably be anime for the meantime. I’m planning out a huge Clannad post and hope to have it up very soon. A post I hope to get up today is just a what I plan to watch in June. Those are quick and easy.

The next thing I want this blog to be centered on is giving you guys information about pollution and the environment in general. This is something I’ve been passionate about for a while and actually, know quite a lot. I hope that getting more information out there we can see a big change. The first post I’ll probably do will be about the Paris Agreement and Trump wanting to withdraw America out of it.

I will probably still post about my life in general so don’t expect those posts to stop just the other 2 are going to take priority over everything else.

This blog is going to go under major construction so I hope you guys enjoy.

See you soon,



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