Work from WordPress?

First off this is my dream, to be able to write for a living and still be able to go through school. However, my need for money is steadily increasing so writing here will have to be put on the back burner again really soon.

If you want to hire me for a writing project please leave a comment and I’ll let you know if I’m interested in working for you. It can be simple things like you have a creative writing piece due for class next week and you know you won’t have the time to finish it, let alone start it. Or maybe it something else, I write, I love writing and if I feel like I can write on the subject I will let you know. Leave a comment with a quick description of what you want me to do and some way to contact you Twitter and Email are preferred.

I am also open to doing things like sponsored posts. If you are a company looking into getting on in a new demographic I may be able to help. Most of my views come from my anime posts and so that means anime lovers are coming to here. Most companies don’t think about marketing to a small select group of people. If you want to stand out I recommend you start with me. Again if you want to partner with me leave a comment and a way for me to contact you.

Please, I need a way to get money and I don’t want to let my blog flounder. If you have any other ideas that I can do at home for you just let me know same rules apply. Detail in a comment and leave a way for me to contact you.

Later tonight I will be posting a “Get To Know Me Through Anime” post so please stay tuned for that.

I hope at least one person takes me up on my offer,


Also I do not own the featured image, I got it from Google Images and all right go to the proper owners.


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