You’re Not A Failure

Many times throughout my 16 almost 17 years in this world I have thought many times that I was a failure or that I wasn’t good enough. I would have loved for someone or something like this to tell me I wasn’t what I thought it was. This is my message to anyone reading this; You are not a failure, and you could never be one.

In both 3rd and 5th grade, I was forced by my teachers to stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for math help. I know now it wasn’t the biggest deal but Math Help Club was supposed to be an optional club if you didn’t understand the unit we were currently working on. I felt so dumb and began to think I would never amount to anything if I couldn’t understand simple math.

In 6th grade, I was automatically enrolled in a class called “Study Skills” it was a class for students who had a hard time with school. I can’t explain the class too much because frankly, I don’t understand why it really existed. That entire school year while everyone was pumped about finally being in middle school and constantly sharing schedules I was hiding mine behind my back. The next school year my 7th-grade year they dropped the program, I guess it didn’t help that much.

In 7th grade, I got a core award for being the best communicator. They only gave me this award because I would constantly email my teachers for help because I had a hard time grasping a lot of the subjects. I felt even dumber when I was awarded that because I realized it meant no one else had the same problems I did.

There are more things like this that have happened but now when I look back on them I realize how insignificant they are. This wasn’t a sob story or a way to get you guys to feel bad for me I just wanted to show you that even I managed to move on from them.

I am now an AP student with a bright future ahead of me. I bet all these problems looked small to you and that’s because they were. Maybe your problems are way bigger than mine but remember you’ve made it through struggles before and you will make it through whatever storm you are currently in.

I’m sorry if my message didn’t come through as clearly as I hoped. I just wanted you to know that you are truly amazing.

I’ll see you on Dydd Mercher,



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