Dive!! Episode 1 First Impressions

Let me have a short apology where I say I’m sorry for not posting at all this week. I was out of state on vacation and didn’t have much access to wifi or a computer. Apology over! Let’s get into this post!

I love sports anime. I’ve seen a total of 4, possibly 5 whatever way you look at it.

Free!, Haikyuu!!, Yuri!!! On Ice, and Cheer Boys!! are the ones that definitely count. Tsuritama is a little iffy because it’s about fishing but one of the websites I watch anime on counts it as a sports anime. You can decide for yourself if that counts.

The other night I learned about Dive!! I was looking around and found a new sports anime. You can bet I was excited. Water sports have always fascinated me because 1. I don’t really like the water and watching a show where characters love it is so cool and 2. I wouldn’t even be able to try these sports in real life. As in during a gym class at school. I know I can’t do ice skating in school but believe me I’ve gone ice skating twice and it’s better for me to never set foot in a rink again.

Before I get too in depth I want to make it clear right now that I do in no way think that Dive!! is a rip off of Free!. The reasoning behind this is they were both were light novels at the same time and they focus on two completely different sports. When reading other reviews of this anime I came across an opinion I wholeheartedly agree with. It was “Free!’s high popularity probably had a huge impact into Dive!! being created into an anime.” I will say this one last time that doesn’t mean it is a copy of Free! this show has its own characters and plot line.

There wasn’t a lot that happened in this episode, it was basically what first episodes generally are, informative episodes. You learned about the characters, especially the main character … obviously. His name is Tomoki Sakai. He got into diving because it looked cool (I think). He also has a girlfriend that he doesn’t have very much interest in … or so it appears. However, he does have heart-eyes for an older boy in his diving club. If Tomo doesn’t turn out to be gay then this whole plot set up is for nothing. (Keep in mind I haven’t read the manga or light novel. All I know if the information given to the viewer in the first episode)

The rest of the characters you get a small peek at but not too much information. Tomoki has a younger twin brother … again I think. He has 2 friends at the diving club that in the same year as him, he has some friends at school, and looks up to Yoichi Fujitani. (The boy he has heart-eyes for)

The one major thing that happens at the end of the episode is they get a new instructor. I won’t spoil the end just go watch it.  I know I look forward to the rest of the episodes to come. So maybe watch along with me.

I’m sorry if this is bad, it’s my first time doing something like this. If you have ways I could improve please leave them down below, I am always open to suggestions.

I do NOT own the cover image, all rights go to the proper owners.

I will be going to sports anime hell,



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