Summer Aesthetics

Sorry, this is going up so late, you won’t believe the day I had. However, I still don’t count this as the next day. I won’t mess up my schedule during the first week. So, this is just going to be a short talkative post about things I really enjoy in summer. When in the last few months of school I constantly find myself craving summer and the things I associate with summer. Without further to do here is the list I wish to talk about

Ice Cubes in Glass Cups

This is my all time favorite thing about summer. When the cup has condensation on the glass and when the ice cubes shift and hit the inside of the cup it makes the most satisfying noise. I know this happens in all the other season if you get a glass of ice water but in the winter I prefer warm coffees and in summer I tend to stick to water.

Overall Shorts

Unfortunately, I do not own any of these myself but I wish I did. Pop a crop top underneath and its one of my favorite outfit combinations. I’m going on vacation soon so I think I’m going to do an outfit post with all the outfits I wear when I get back. That way you guys can get a sense of my style.

Flowers in Small Pots

Small brown pots with just a pop of small color at the top is the pure innocence I hope to achieve in life. If you saw my goals for summer post (or it was titled something like that) you would know I actually wanted to grow some flowers. I requested for Cheerios to send me some but I never received them and I’m very disappointed about that.

Loud Music with Windows Rolled Down

I have an old car, and I love it to pieces but the AC doesn’t work so I often have the windows rolled down. My favorite thing ever to do is when a good song comes up to turn it all the way up and blast it while going home. I don’t often go on the highway so I can’t say while on the highway but still.


I really love watermelon but only around summer do the stores have them for really inexpensive. Plus, they are great way to cool down when eating outside. If I could eat watermelon everyday I probably would. There is one downfall to watermelon though, it’s when you get a really juicy one and it drips down your face and arms and you end up being all sticky.

Swimming Pools on Hot Days

Fun Fact about Haili: I hate swimming. I don’t know why I just do. However, when we go to Wyoming and Nebraska to see family it’s always hotter than where I live and getting into the pool is a little hard but once I’m in its amazing. But if the day isn’t really hot I’m not into it and often find an excuse to go home (my cousins or grandparents home) early and do something else.

Okay I know this was shorter but I wanted to get this up as soon as I could. I’m actually going to staying up tonight to prewrite next weeks posts because I’m going to be out-of-town and therefore away from a computer so wish me the best saying it’s already 1 am where I am.

I’ll see you soon,


P.S. The featured image is NOT mine. All rights go to the proper owners.


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