Kaicho wa Maid-Sama Review

I really think this schedule is going to work out. I think it gives me the perfect amount of time to write the posts without becoming too stressed out. Anyways, for this review, I will be referring to the anime as Maid-Sama to make sure the post doesn’t get too terribly long. Like all my other reviews I will start with characters and then go more in depth with how I feel about this anime. (Not to spoil anything but I absolutely adored it.)

Seika High School Students

Ayuzawa Household


Maid Latte

(I hope these pictures load cause I’m finishing this post on a mobile device for the first time)

Sorry I will not be reviewing each character like I did for Shokugeki no Soma. If you want me to add it please leave a comment below.

My favorite characters are Aoi and Yukimura.

Aoi is a boy who loves all things cute. He runs a net page and is considered a net-idol. All the pictures on his blog are him dressed as a girl.

Yukimura is a boy who is timid and occasionally is forced to dress as a girl. When he tells people he’s actually a boy no one believes him. I want to write a fan fiction that delves deeper into his mind like I have of another character on my Wattpad (@batwomen133)

There are other character that are lesser characters that I didn’t add. Some from another school and some from a boy band. But both of those group get on my nerves and I’d rather not get into it. Regardless they help make the show as amazing as it is.

[Spoilers are ahead starting right now]

This anime is so cute. From the beginning you think you know how it is going to end. All cute with Misaki and Usui ending up together. Until like 6 episodes till the end or sometime around 6 episodes they throw in Hinata. Who has had a crush on Misaki since they were little kids. The ending is so sweet they never do anything like kiss or make a huge declaration but holding hands a believe I way better and doesn’t mess up the set in stone character traits they have.

Now on to Maid Latte. “Misa” as she is called at work is working there to help pay for the debt her dad left behind. She doesn’t want anyone to find out but actually loves that she has found a place she can so easily fit into. She forces herself as president in student council for the sake of the girls at a school that was formally all boys. Maid Latte is where she can be herself and she has next to none worries.

Final thoughts

This anime makes me so happy. It is cute and fluffy but it doesn’t totally give the ending away which is what makes it worthwhile. Most of the characters aren’t cookie cutter characters and sometimes animes with this many character end up having more than a few but they have saved themselves from falling into this hole. Please watch this anime in the summer cause it is just the perfect thing.

I’m sorry this is up so late but I want to say I kept to the schedule. I’ll see you on Friday and I will do the featured image sometime tomorrow.


P.S. I do NOT own any of the pictures or own the anime. Wikipedia helped me keep track of all the characters. And google supplied the images. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE PROPER OWNERS.



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