Posting Schedule!?!?

As some of you may know I do not have a laptop anymore. It broke well before I was on spring break. Since then I’ve been using family members computers and that’s why my posts have been a little sporadic. I still do not have a computer but my papa might have one I can call mine till I can buy a nicer one. This is because he never uses his laptop and frankly hates it. I am so grateful for him and will hopefully get it sometime this week. Till then I want to start the posting schedule I have brainstormed.

Yes, I have found a posting schedule I think I can keep and will work nicely. As some may know when I first started this blog I made an effort to post every Friday.

When I was doing that I didn’t think I was posting enough content so I ended up stressing myself out by trying to post every single day. No, I am not trying that again. It’s not going to happen.

I will be attempting and hopefully be succeeding at posting 3 times a week.

Monday’s and Friday’s will be posts like the one I did today

Wednesday’s are going to be anime reviews and Mystic Messenger Route Reviews.

I hope you guys like that.


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