Baking Cookies 2.0…half fail

So as some of you may know I baked cookies around Christmas time in 2016 and I made a sorry excuse for a post. This time I made cookies it was a whirlwind of events.

I started out as anyone would, gathering the ingredients and checking the measurements on all of them. Everything was going well until I over softened the butter. I’ve gotten into the habit of if I forget to set the butter out before I got baking to just pop it in the microwave for a couple of seconds. So with the butter being messed up adding the sugar to it didn’t go as it should. It wasn’t a light and fluffy mixture. It was only light.

I start mixing in the rest of the ingredients which was going well I followed the recipe making progress as I went. I was using a hand mixer for the best results. It got to end which for this recipe was adding in flour. So, I put it all in and turned on my mixer and that’s where things started to go south.

The noticed the mixer started to slow down, which I thought was because of batter build-up. So I turned it off and scraped some of the batter back into the bowl. Well, this continued on multiple times before I realized what happened.

The mixer broke! It actually was so bad it started to smoke. I quickly unplugged it and removed the batter off of it and set it down to rest. When I tried to use it again to see if it was officially broke it wouldn’t turn on.

If you are wondering about the cookies they came out fine and were actually really soft.

I know this post was shorter but I thought it would be a fun story to tell.

The recipe I used:

Featured Photo is NOT mine. All Right go to the proper owners!

See you soon,



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