Shokugeki No Soma Review

It has been a little bit since I’ve done a review. It takes a while for me to get it exactly how I want it with the character images and describing my thoughts. Which in the past I don’t think I’ve executed that properly so I’m going to try to make this review something I can be proud of and not just something to have content posted.

Shokugeki No Soma or also referred to as Food Wars! is about a 15-year-old boy who’s goal in life is to surpass his father and own the family restaurant. This said, father essentially kicks out his son so that way Soma Yukihira can go to a prestigious cooking academy called Totsuki Culinary Academy.  When he gets there he meets the person that holds the Gods Tongue, Erina Nakiri. She is hosting the transfer exam where they have to cook a dish and if it meets her standards then they will be accepted into.

Okay, I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot but lets get into the millions of characters that consume much of time of remembering them. They will be broken into sections from the ideas that Wikipedia has given me, I don’t take credit for the sections.

Main Characters (Determined as by Wiki)

I will be showing their picture, have their name on their picture and then below add some little facts about the character.


Soma Yukihira – The very main character is Soma, most episodes are about him. His father owns a diner that he one day hopes to own. He always comes up with unique recipes and often pulls allnighters to perfect the recipes. However, he does also like to attemp to make the worst recipes every and inflict them onto other people.

Megumi Tadokoro – She is a quiet girl from a town by the sea. She is very skilled at using ingredients from her hometown. Her family also runs a restaurant that she hopes to one day work at or take over.  She is Soma’s cooking partner on the first day of school after the entrance ceremony.

Erina Nakiri – She was born with the “Gods Tongue” which on later findings you find out how she got the gods tongue. She doesn’t really like Soma and makes an effort to show her dislike towards him. Other than that she has awesome cooking skills, holding the 10th seat of the Elite Ten, and is often exempt from competition assessments.

Takumi Aldini – He is older than his twin and family owns a restaurant in Italy, however, he doesn’t show much passion in wanting to own it. He excels at cooking and finds a huge passion for it when he meets Soma. When he meets Soma he acquires a friend and rival.

Polar Star Dorm Members! – I will be doing a sentence or two about these members so this post isn’t too terribly long.


Fumio Daimido – Is the adult that supervises the dorm, she has been doing this even when Soma’s dad was attending the school.

Satoshi Isshiki – He is the only 2nd year to currently reside in the dorm and hold the 7th seat of the elite ten.

Yuki Yoshino – She can often be found with wild game running around her room, she also is excellent at cooking with game.

Ryoko Sakaki – Is a quiet, mature girl, who’s primary cooking method involves malt or rice malt.

Shun Ibusaki – He also tends to keep to himself and uses smoking his food as his primary way of cooking.

Zenji Marui – He has the biggest room in the dorm so it is often used to hold dorm parties. He also isn’t the best at cooking but tries to make up for by studying different techniques.

Daigo Aki and Shoji Sato – Not a lot is shared about these characters. They often fight with each other about who is a better chef but ultimately get along.

Soma – We already know about him (see main characters above) MEGUMI ALSO LIVES IN THIS DORM.

Other First Years – No sentence will be said about these for the post is already too long.


Totsuki Academy Staff – Again no sentence


Alumni and Former Students – also no description will be provided


Those are most of the characters Wiki has listed as major characters. So that’s all I’ll do for sake of length and my sanity.

Thoughts on the anime

Besides having so many characters it’s pretty interesting. I would love to go to this academy. The story line is unique and each character has their own hopes and dreams with a side of struggles. It keeps you entertained and I love it for that. Opening and Ending are amazing.

Favorite Character – Takumi Aldini or Chef Shinomiya.

Least Favorite Character – Subaru Mimasaka

I do recommend this anime, sorry for the post being so long.

See you tomorrow,


P.S I do NOT own the anime or any of the pictures. All right go to the proper owners

P.P.S as of right now I haven’t read through the post I do so when I have breakfast in the morning.



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  1. There are a lot of characters in that anime and unfortuantely so few of them really make themselves remembered after their short time in the spot light. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


    • I would have done all the characters and put more of my thoughts on all of them if I could but it took me almost a whole day to write this (with other things in-between)maybe when the new season comes out I can review that and then talk about more of the “minor” characters

      Liked by 1 person

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