Summer Homework

As many of you may already know last school year (the one we just finished) I was enrolled in 2 AP classes. AP Environmental Science and AP Language and Composition. Since I started this blog at the end of 2016 I wasn’t able to talk about the summer homework. Next school year (after this summer) I will be enrolled in 3 AP class. AP Chemistry, AP  Psychology, and AP Literature. I thought because it’s still early into summer break I would show you what kind of tasks I will be completing.

AP: Chemistry

This class has the longest amount of homework for me at least. Since I only took general Chemistry my sophomore year and then AP Enviro my junior year I’m missing out on a lot of information that I have never gone over. In order to be almost up to par with all the other students, I have to complete the summer homework and go through CP chemistry before that. It is broken down into 9 units

  1. Naming and Formulas
  2. The Mole
  3. Ionic and Metallic Bonding
  4. Covalent Bonding
  5. Chemical Reactions
  6. Stoichiometry
  7. Solutions
  8. Acids and Bases
  9. Thermo

The actual assignment consists of 46 questions over 2 chapters out of the textbook. It’s highly recommended to memorize all the elements on the periodic table and polyatomic ions. We need to be proficient in the first 2 chapter because the second school starts we go straight into Stoichiometry on the AP scale.

An example of a problem:  Lable each of the following as either a physical process or a chemical process: (a) corrosion of aluminum metal, (b) melting of ice, (c) pulverizing an aspirin, (d) digesting a candy bar, (e) explosion of nitroglycerin.

The problem comes from AP+ Edition: Chemistry: The Central Science from Brown LeMay Bursten and Murphy. I do NOT own any of the book or the problem all rights go to the proper owners

AP: Psychology

I have to read, take notes, and answer questions pertaining to the first chapter or the first 3 modules. It’s a total of 28 questions on the History and Science of Psychology. I also have to make Vocabulary Cards for 42 terms. It was recommended by the teacher to wait till mid-July to start the homework. That way we have enough time to complete it and it’s still fresh in our minds for the start of school so that way we can jump into the second chapter.

An example of a problem: Describe William Wundt’s first experiment and why it is considered the first experiment in the field of psychology.

I’m fairly certain my teacher came up with the problem but the book we use is Psychology: Eighth Edition in Modules by David G. Myers. All rights go to the proper owners.

AP: Literature

My teacher chose the summer reading book to be East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Its 601 pages and he has 14 questions that we have to choose 5 from to answer. The reasoning behind this is because we have to develop our own argument to answer the questions and have text to support it. He also recommended that we wait a while to start reading it so that way it’s fresh in our minds but to give ourselves enough time to thoroughly understand it. I think I’ll start beginning of July.

An example of a question we can answer: Where do the character who feel unloved, find love?

I’m fairly certain that my teacher came up with the questions. All rights go to the proper owners. 

unnamed (13)

If you have summer homework why don’t you tell me about in the comments?

See you soon,


P.S. Please don’t mind my Pixar duvet in the photos.


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