Changes and Apologie?!

Hi, I’ve been gone for well over a month as you know. I’m sorry. I have two reasons for that.

Reason one: I’ve been swamped with school work. Time lost me in every which way and when I wasn’t at rehearsal, school, or sleeping I was studying and completing assignments. As of today, I’ve completed one AP test and therefore the class will be probably one of easiest ones. Then next week I have my final one. But until then I’m going to try and post every day!

Reason two: My computer is basically a heap of metal. Nothing will load and even right now I’m using my dad’s computer. I’m going to try and post everyday borrowing computers or working at school just know I can’t pre-write anything because of what I have in mind.

I want to make a post every day (this will not include reviews, those will be posted on days that there are posts however exact dates will never be decided) I also want to do 200 days of productivity. Normally it’s 100 but I want to try my best to double it. I also want to continue on with the 30-day anime challenge.

I’m going to try and make two posts tonight. One official one and then a review.

I hope you guys will bear with me while I figure out a new schedule I don’t mean any harm by it, I just need some time to adjust.

Thank you guys for sticking around I’ll see you tonight!,




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