Diabolik Lovers Review

Hey, another day. I’m not proud of myself yet, I’ve done this before. Okay before I get started with this review at first I hated this anime. However, the second season makes it bearable so I will be discussing Diabolik Lovers, More Blood as well.

So, let’s start with the basics. Characters, there are 11 main characters.

They are all relatively around the same age. The Sakamaki have triplets within which explains why 3 of them are 17. However, the Mukami’s are adoptive brothers.

Favorite Sakamaki: Kanato or Shu

Favorite Mukami: Kou or Azusa

Least Favorite Character Overall: Reiji Sakamaki

Yui Komori is given many nicknames by the brothers

  • Bitch-chan (Little Bitch) by Laito
  • Chichinashi (Pancake) by Ayato
  • Kachiku (Livestock) by Ruki
  • M Neko-chan (Masochistic Kitten) by Kou
  • Mesubuta (Sow) by Yuma
  • Eve by Azusa

It is to my understanding that there are more characters who play a bigger role in the video games that have yet to be made into an anime. So, far Haunted Dark Bridal and More Blood have been made into an anime serious and there is another few video game “Lost In Eden” “Vandead Carnival” and “Dark Fate” (However, I do not follow the video games so I am unclear on this)

The reasons I had issues with the first season. There was no point. I guess at the end they kinda made a point by seriously the only reason I watched it was because the episodes were 12 minutes. Every character was stupid and pointless and you couldn’t even call them a character cause there was nothing to them. They were just kinda there.

When Yui was presented with the opportunity to leave she deliberately missed it. That was the most frustrating thing to watch.

The second season, so much better. The Mukami’s treated her a little more like a person and they actually had meaningful back stories.

This season actually has a meaning! The Apple of Adam plan! Do I understand what this plan is really about? No, I don’t but, I can overlook that and say this season is better just because there is a reason for these things to be happening.

The creators end the seasons in such a way that you will watch the next one just to get answers. However, between these two seasons, you are presented with no answers and even more questions. This being said if another season comes out I will watch it simply so I can attempt to get answers.

If you need something to watch to pass time then watch this if you have nothing else. That is the only way I will recommend this series.

Please think carefully before subjecting yourself to this,


ALL images that are used are NOT mine. I got them off of google images and all rights go to the proper owners. Any information I have used is based on my general knowledge of the anime serious or taken off the fandom wiki page.



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  1. I like Shu and Raeiji Sakamak
    I like Yumi and Ruki Mukami
    and kino.


  2. I love Kino, Yuma, Raiji, Shu, shin and carla


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