30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1

DAY 1: Very Fist Anime You Watched

I have taken it upon myself to do this challenge. I think it would be a fun easy way for me to get into posting every day. I will do this along with my other posts on the schedule I created yesterday.


sailor moon

Okay, actually I believe it was Ponyo. However, I don’t think I realized it was from Japan until after I started watching Sailor Moon. I haven’t finished it yet but it was the first one I ever started. I was in love with this youtuber Aquamarin. He was in love with Sailor Moon so I thought I might as well try and watch it. I fell in love.

If you were to ask me which anime a finished first it would either be Black Butler or Ouran High School Host Club.

My goal for these posts is to answer them as quickly as possible. These are primarily to give you guys more insight into my mind.

I hope you guys like this idea. If you don’t let me know and I will stop,


P.S. I stole these prompts from Madreceiver so all creativity props so to them.

P.P.S The image I am using for the featured image and within the post, I got from Google. I do NOT own it photo creds go to the proper owners.


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