Craving Summer

Hello, I missed last Friday and for that, I apologize. I’ve sorta thought of a schedule to attempt to keep my mind focused on posting regularly. Friday’s will be a post about whatever (expect reviews) this will keep pressure off of coming up with an elaborate post. However, I will make the biggest attempt to post every Friday. Those (the elaborate posts) would be saved for Monday or Tuesday giving myself the weekend to thoroughly plan and prepare anything that is needed. Thursday’s will be review posts and randomly every other week or so there will be a tag post.

I hope that makes sense. So tomorrow I will post a review.

Anyways, the past couple days I have found myself craving summer. Normally, I consider spring or fall to be my favorite seasons but if you were to ask me now I would have to say SUMMER. I have huge aspirations for the summer. Here are some of them:

  1. Post on here as frequently as possible
  2. Make a total summer transformation of my Instagram (promo: Batwomen133)
  3. Complete and thoroughly understand my summer homework
  4. Grow a sunflower
  5. Work for a garden center
  6. Start an Etsy
  7. Read on a blanket outside as frequently as possible
  8. WRITE!
  9. Become a vlogger on youtube

Yup, just a casual insight to my delusions. However, I have really good feeling about this summer and the end of the school year. I just wish it was later than March.

Let me explain some of the goals if not all of them.

Instagram: My Instagram has never really had “good” days. I want to post once a day something summer themed. I feel it will look super cute. So, far it’s filled with my new Fish and Snail. Ichinose and Hyde.

Summer Homework: I’m taking 3 AP classes as a senior. AP Lit, AP Chem, and AP Psych. I have to complete a lot of work and last year I kinda pushed it off until I was drowning. This year I’m going to attempt to make a plan and stick to it.

Sunflower: I just want to grow something I figured a sunflower would show as much summer as possible.

Garden Center: When I was little, there was this great garden center by our house. I want to work for it. (Maybe this will be the topic of my Friday post)

Etsy: I make bracelets, simple ones, out of simple thread. But I want to see if people will buy them if I sell them in bundles of like 10 or 15 for a reasonable cost.

Youtube: Yeah this is a big one. I want to pick up daily vlogging. I don’t know if that will actually happen but I want to try my hardest to make it happen. So if you guys see I have made a youtube channel (I will tell you here) would you please try and support me?

Anyway, I am tired of going to school at the moment and want to create something great. That is why I have been craving summer recently.

The feautred photo is NOT mine. I stole it from

Have a good day and watch out for summer,



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