February Overview

Basically, I failed you guys this month. I left you with a bunch of empty promises. However, I will not give up on my blog. I just want to take a moment and explain what happened.

February as explained by my teachers in the burn out month and boy did I feel that. I wanted to sleep instead of doing homework and I wanted to ditch all the time and thankfully I didn’t.

I wanted to also give you guys more content that wasn’t primarily reviews. I felt so uncreative and I’m the type of person who loves routine so doing all those reviews felt natural. I know that gets old I sat in classes trying to come up with good ideas. None came. I will be doing reviews every now and again I just don’t want it to be all I do.

I have a few ideas and hopefully because my burn out month is over I can think of some more.

I also went to DECA state. So if you want to know about any of the fun stuff that happened there I would be glad to share it.

I will NOT be doing a wrap up this month and I might do a TBR and TBW.

I will try my best this month and that’s the only promise I am making.

Let me know what you want to see,



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