When To Get New Shoes

Today I passed my driving test and got my license! Now, this may sound a bit weird for a post but I swear it will all make sense in a little bit.

I was sitting in Marketing will my legs hanging over the top listening to presentations. (Self Promo: Follow @DECAMEMES2017 on Twitter) And I was looking at my shoes thinking that I needed to get new ones soon. However, even though the shoes are torn up and more gray than navy I still love them.

I’ve heard somewhere that shoes reflect you soul. Also, that you can a lot about a person by their shoes. I whole heartily agree with this.

I’m not saying that I’m torn up and gray but I’m saying that even though I’ve walked all these steps I am still able to function like my original purpose. Even though I’ve been through this path of life I am still living it the way I see fit.

Now I probably don’t have as many years to go off as some of you may have but I can still say I have lived. Unlike a shoe, I am meant to be here for a while longer. You are meant to throw shoes away. But we aren’t shoes. (sorry this kinda a deeper meaning thing just came to me) Please don’t throw people away. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to you. Doing that you miss out on so many important things in life. You are meant to learn a lesson from everyone you meet just like your shoes learn a lesson from you.

However, it’s probably to not let people walk all over them but still the point is there.

Keep your shoes and keep your friends.

I will add a picture tomorrow and sorry if this makes no sense I am tired.

See you tomorrow,



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