Hey, sorry about not posting every day and not posting Friday like I should have. I wanted to talk about something simple for me since my weekend has been so hectic. ReWatching. I actually rewatch things all the time. I’ll probably just go over what I would probably watch again and my favorite things that I’ve already rewatched.

What I would rewatch:

  1. SerVamp
  2. Karneval
  3. Free! (everything pertaining to free!)
  4. Tokyo Ghoul
  5. Yuri!!! On Ice
  6. Cheer Boys!!
  7. Pyscho-Pass

The reason this list is so short is because I’ve rewatched a bunch of things so let’s get into that massive list

  1. Black Butler: I’ve rewatched everything tied into black butler multiple times it is one of my favorite animes.
  2. K-Project: Another one of my absolute favorite animes.
  3. Brother’s Conflict: I watched it twice this month.
  4. Karin: I rewatch this all the time
  5. No. 6: Another one of my all time favorite animes
  6. Deadman Wonderland
  7. Amnesia
  8. Death Note
  9. Vampire Knight
  10. Ouran High School Host Club
  11. Magi (All three seasons)
  12. Friends
  13. Supernatural

Now on to things I will never ever rewatch

  1. Moon Phase
  2. High School of the Dead
  3. Nana
  4. Soul Eater
  5. Elfen Lied
  6. Diabolik Lovers

I have one iffy one since its really good but it wouldn’t be my first to rewatch

  1. Clannad

I hope this gave you guys some insight into my head,



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