Brothers Conflict Review

So this is a reverse harem anime so you can bet that there is a lot of boys to reema-and-juliemember the names of. Anyway, before I talk about them I wanted to introduce the main character: Ema Hinata. She is a quiet girl whom all of her life wanted to have a real family and when her father remarries she ends up getting 13 brothers. I believe its 1o older, 1 about the same age as her and 2 younger.  She is actually in the same class as the one who is her age. She is 17. And without future to do her and her pet squirrel, Juli are in the picture to the side.

Now the brothers like I said there are 13 of them. Each has a cool job and they aren’t exactly how Ema would have imagined them to be. I’ll leave pictures, ages and occupations down below.

Each character has their own unique personality and with this many characters, I think that is amazing. Everyone in this family acts like they are in an actual family. There is arguing. There is playing around. There are friendly competitions. There are so many different elements that you would probably find happening within your own family. My sister and I fight over the shower all the time and within the first episode, you hear Azusa and Tsubaki fighting over the bathroom.

I feel like the soundtrack fits this anime to a t.

Favorite Characters: Louis, Azusa, Natsume and Subaru.

Least Favorite Character: Fuuto

If I could trade places with any of the characters in this anime it would either by Louis or Tsubaki mainly because I love their dedication to their work and what they wear through the anime.

I’ve already watched this anime twice and I love it.

I do NOT own any of the pictures that I have used in this post, all rights go to the respective owners.

I highly recommend this anime,



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