Eye Doctor?!

Welp, this is going up extremely late. I’m sorry. I also didn’t write this ahead of time and I didn’t look at what I had planned. I’m going to tell you how my first time to the eye doctor went.

I’ve been having trouble seeing things from far away and any time the projector is on at school so I told my mom I should probably go to the eye doctor. I hate doctors. I have no clue why I volunteered to do that.

We get there and my heart jumps out of my chest, what if they judge me and think I’m stupid? I even asked my mom if I could back out and of course, she said no. We went to the back after filling out papers and waited to be called. My mom went first and then sat in the room with me for my exam. I realized that I depend solely on my right eye. Any time they did anything with only my left eye I would freak out.

They found out I have a stigma in my left eye. And I will have to get glasses. Maybe it’s a good thing.

This is another example of how you can’t let anxiety rule your life.

I’ll make a featured image in the morning and see you tomorrow with another post,



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