I just got out of the shower and man does it feel amazing. However, I think I had the water on to high for my feet because when I walked out they were pink. I also was able to annotate more of my class book and finish something in time for my blog post on Sunday. I feel pretty good.

Now on to the main subject: Journaling or keeping a journal. I find this to be amazing. Being able to write down your thoughts without fear of unwanted attention coming to it is amazing. Plus if you keep track of the dates you know a few things about that day you could use as a reference for a future date.

If you want to keep a journal along the same lines I am, then write about a mixture about what happened during the day and how you are feeling right then and there as you are writing. That is the easiest way to be true to you. Plus don’t worry about other people judging your grammar or spelling or even your thought this journal is just for you.

Another thing that might help is, you shouldn’t feel like you have to write an entire page every single day. 1. It’s okay if you miss days – I do all the time – and 2. Somes days there might not be all that much on your mind so don’t force it.

I also recommend that if you do a sport or are in a theater production to keep a separate notebook that you can write in after practice. I talked about this a little bit in my Cheer Boys review. In that anime after every practice, all the members would take the time to themselves and reflect on the practice. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean how they performed – I mean they can – but also how working as a group and individual helped them realize something that day. If I get cast in the musical, which I’ll find out tomorrow, I plan on doing this.

The last thing I recommend for if you do participate in a group club or activity and you do choose to keep a notebook is to take it in your bag. I know that might seem gross just be careful not to toss it on your smelly socks. Also remember a few pens and pencils. I plan on keeping a bag with shorts for dance practice and t-shirts in case I dress in a sweater or dress up that day. In the bag, I will also carry that notebook so I won’t be able to forget it at home.

If you guys want to know more about what I keep in my drama bag just leave a comment and I will be sure to make a post about that.

I do NOT own the picture, I got it from Amazon, however, I do own this notebook but it no longer looks this nice cause I played with the cords and now they don’t sit perfect

See you tomorrow with the verdict on whether or not I go in the musical,



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