Haili Rambles

If you are wondering what this post is even about don’t bother asking me, I have no clue. I just thought I would do a major information dump and try to explain some things…maybe.  So you all know me, Haili, and you all know the promise I made yesterday, to post every single day leading up into February well I’m sticking with that. Hence this post. I actually have a lot of those posts planned out. All that leaves for me to do is write them. Since on Wednesdays I get from school early I thought I would sit down and try to write the basic skeleton of the posts. You know writing it out and scheduling it, giving me some time to make final touch-ups or just have it post if I for some reason forget.

So because of what I am doing, you have a lot of posts to look forward to. Let’s not leave this post as this. Throughout all of my school day, I had wonderful ideas for this post in particular but I neglected to write them down. I guess I could tell you how my massive writing day is planned to go. After I write and publish this post, I plan to take a shower in order to relax. Then I’m going to write tomorrow’s blog post and email my Marketing teacher. Do some homework, maybe write another blog post and watch anime or supernatural. Then do more homework, another blog post and then watch something, again. This will continue on until dinner after I eat I will focus on any homework I have left and then maybe do another one or two blogs posts and read something that isn’t required reading for my classes and go to bed.

The reason I feel it is needed to pre-write a bunch of posts is because I auditioned for the musical and if I get in I know I’ll have less time for everything. This is also because I want to have high-quality content for you guys. I really care about my blog doing well.

Along with that this semester all my classes of increased the workload so I have less time than last semester and I wasn’t calculating that. I hope you guys don’t hate me for this post but I am trying to keep everything balanced.  This blog means everything to me and I hope you guys can see that.



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