Cheer Boys!! Review

Wow, you guys would not believe how many posts I had planned that I had to skip because of sleep or homework. For that I am sorry, and I will try my hardest to publish a post everything single day leading up to February. And without further to do my Cheer Boys!! review. (There might be spoilers)

This anime starts off really chill with Haru cheering for his big sis at a Judo tournament with his best friend Kazu sitting right next to him. Both of these boys are also in Judo, just like Haru’s older sister. Strange you are probably thinking – me too – isn’t this anime supposed to be about cheerleading hence the name? Well, it is.

Haru has recently hurt his shoulder and can no longer compete in Judo and he has been thinking of dropping the sport for a while. However, the one thing holding him back is the fact that everyone in his family does Judo and they even own a Dojo. Kazu ends up beating Haru by quitting first telling Haru they will start something together.

Based on Haru being the one cheering you would assume he starts the cheerlead club, nope its Kazu. Kazu does this because his parents used to do cheerleading. His mom a flyer and his dad the coach. They struggled with getting 7 members which were a number of members Kazu’s mom’s team had when she performed her first routine, and that was the routine Kazu wanted them to do. Once they got 7 members they practiced and practiced until it was time for – I think – the annual cheerleading performance. This is where a bunch of cheer teams come together and put on a show for whoever want to come and watch. They finally settled on a name “The Breakers.”

After their performance at the cheerleading performance, their numbers soared from 7 to 13 and they got an official coach. In the end, they had 16 members and 1 coach

I’m going to try and find a picture for every one of the breakers and I’m going to list their position, ie bases, spotters, and flyers. I used the Cheer Boys!! wiki to help with the spelling of names and some of the pictures.

Also when their coach joined she handed them out all notebooks. Each one of them had a different prompt in them for what she saw would help them out the most. I love the whole idea of this. After practice each day they were required to sit down and have time to reflect alone with themselves. I really want to do this if I get cast in the school musical. (I auditioned today)

Now I loved the music they played throughout the anime. I felt like it fit completely. I was also very impressed with the lack of “gayness” in this show. Believe you, me I love when I can ship something like Viktor and Yuri from Yuri On Ice!!!. But something like that would be awkward in this anime and would clash with the overall meaning. The meaning is meant to bring you closer to yourself and see the impact you have on other people’s lives.

Favorite Characters: Haru, Kazu, Saku, and Sho

Least Favorite Character: I honestly don’t have one everyone was portrayed in their own unique way I couldn’t help but love them all. However, those 4 really stood out to me.

I hope you guys realize the amount of work I put into my posts and the review posts in general. I just want you guys to like them. Now it’s on to my AP Lang reading, wish me luck. Also if you click on the pictures you’ll be able to see their name and position.

I do NOT own any of the pictures used in this posts, all rights go the respective owners.

See you tomorrow,



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