Musical Workshop

I am so sorry for this going up so late, today was a crazy day and I got almost no sleep last night. However, as promised there is still going to be a post every Friday. Today was the musical workshop at my school. And because the post I had previously planned fell through I thought this was an okay alternative.

This year we are doing “In The Heights” and we are color blind casting. This means that even though this story is about a Latino family, I being the whitest girl alive can be cast for one of the main parts. Last year I didn’t get a speaking part but this year I think I’m going to go for the main girl “Nina.”

Anyway, we all got there and went over how the next two hours were going to go. We also were told only 45 of us would make it into the musical.

Then we moved over to the stage and began the first dance for the audition. This one was actually really easy. I had worked with the same choreographer before so that could play into effect. Then after we went through all the steps for that one we went and signed up for audition groups. We came back and did the hip-hop dance which was harder for me but I almost have it down.

We then went back into the choir room and went over the available pieces for the audition songs and what would be expected of us. I’m going to try my hardest to get in. So this weekend is going to be filled to the top of dance practice and music practice.

I know this post wasn’t the best, it is really late where I am and all I want to do is sleep. I didn’t want to disappoint you guys so I “suffered” through. If I get my stuff together I might have a post tomorrow, let’s cross our fingers,


P.S. I do NOT own the picture all rights go to the respective owners.


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