Follow Me Around: Jan 2017

In order to further connect with you guys, I wanted to tell you about my school day. Hopefully, this doesn’t bore you and put you to sleep but this is the kind of thing I adore.

1st hour: Math

In math, we took notes on Polynomials and then we got handed out homework. My math teacher believes that we should be given time in class to do our homework so that way if we run into any problems we can ask for help. I was able to finish my homework in class.

2nd hour: Marketing Strategies

We had to turn in our money and state packets today in order to secure our spots. I got mine in. Then we had time to work on our manuals. I’m not quite done with mine and we are printing on Monday. However, I’m going to work on it tonight and hopefully get a lot done. I was also able to get one roommate for state for certain, one of my good friends in the grade below me.

3rd hour: US History

We took notes on the Great Depression and then got term packets for the unit to work on. We do a lot of independent work in this class and honestly I love it.

4th hour: Lunch

5th hour: AP language and composition

We went over the prompts we had to annotate for language and turned those in. We also went over our assignment on Albert. We had a short history lesson for the book we are starting with the whole class on Monday. We also went over the requirements for the independent critical analyze the project. Basically, we have to read 2 books separate from the class by  March 1st and then do the class book as well as countless other things. We have to annotate another paper but this time for the purpose. The price of being an AP student.

6th hour: Spanish 1

I started Spanish late like I said in a previous post but I’m finally taking it now. We went over our new terms, how to conjugating verbs and we listened to a really funny rap off of YouTube.

7th hour: AP Environmental Science

We went over past notes and past assignments from the 2 previous days and then we watched a simulation video of the work being destroyed. We got assigned book work and a video to watch and take notes on for the weekend.

8th hour: Off Hour

I went and talked to my DECA teacher.

Thank you guys for bearing through this I hope you stick around for more. Also, I am sorry this is being posted so late.

I do NOT own the image I set as my featured image all rights go to the proper owners.

See you Monday,



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