All About Me

Now I realize I did a short introduction to myself in my very first post but speaking honestly it was crap. You guys know almost nothing about me. So to start with the basics.

My name is Haili, I’m junior in High School and plan to attend either Coe College or Kenyon College in the future. On top of that, I am the oldest out of 4 kids. Having 2 younger sisters and one younger brother. I’m a Leo and I’m sure it shows. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to and boy do I want to do a lot of stuff.

  1. I want to run a success blog, this blog
  2. I want to write a book
  3. I want to be a success YouTuber
  4. I want to be a voice actor for anime or actually a lot of animes
  5. I want to be an actress on some form of show
  6. I want to work on designing my own fashion line
  7. I want to learn how to figure skate
  8. I want to be a great swimmer

I have so many ambitions and I want to do everything in my power to get them. Actually, in a couple of days, the 5th to be exact, I want to write a post for my plans for this year. I hope you’ll stay tuned for that one.

And if you wonder why I am so adamant on posting every day its because I know the more I post the more content people can use to judge whether or not they stick around. If you are reading this, please stick around for more, I promise I will get better. I’m really trying and as people say “Practice makes perfect”

Back to more simple stuff. My favorite color is blue, my favorite band is Icon For Hire, I’m a sucker for electronic music and classical music. I’ve lettered in Drama and I’m working on lettering in DECA and Academics. I’m probably going to get a job soon.

I hope you guys have learned something new about me and feel more connected with me. If you have anything you wish for me to talk about I will!

Also along with school starting back up my posts will be up much later. Say somewhere along 7 pm to 8 pm GMT time.

As I said above I want to write a book. I’m thinking about posting a chapter on here every other week on Wednesdays. And then my regular posts every Friday and some others scattered throughout the week. So next week if I can figure it out I will have Chapter One up and ready.

I have a post for tomorrow so see you tomorrow,



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