New Years Resolutions

Yay! Another post!

Anyways, happy new year! I hope you have a great start to this year and had a great end to last year. Now I know everyone always says new year, new me. Well, I plan to still be me but to work on improving my overall self.

  1. I want to make better choices for my mind and body. Taking breaks when I need to instead of pushing myself to continue working on things. I also want to drink more water and eat better. Along with that, I want to start doing small workouts.
  2. I want to stand up for myself and love myself.
  3. I want to take chances and do everything regardless of any “What ifs? ” I may have.

I read somewhere or watched something (I’m sorry I really can’t remember) That it’s hard to keep more than 3 resolutions so you should always limit your numbers. I wanted to keep this post every short since it is the new year and believe you should spend this time with your family much like I am.

See you tomorrow to keep up my amazing streak!



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