Top Anime: 2016

Happy Friday!

I had a way better idea than this but I was foolish and forgot to write it down. That can’t be changed, in my last post, it stated I watch anime however it wasn’t the main point so people could have missed it. My anime adventures began with Sailor Moon but officially took off when I started watching Black Butler.

I would like to start off my stating that yes I am lame and I primarily watch in English Dub. I watched 12 animes this year but I want to talk about my favorite 5.

1.) K-Project

I watched this anime in hopes of finding a new show that I actually wanted to watch non-stop. This was the anime for me. The concept behind this anime with the 7 different kings and everything they rule is captivating. The main character Shiro is believed to be the next Colorless king and to have killed one of the Red kings clansmen. Kuroh who was a clansman of the former Colorless king is sent on a mission by his late master to determine whether he is fit to be king or not. While Kuroh is doing this, Yata Misaki has taken it upon himself to eliminate Shiro since he believes that he is the reason his friend died. There are so many ships and every episode leaves you wanting more, so that is why the K-Project is gifted the number 1 shot in my book. Favorite Characters: Yata and Fushimi

2.) Yuri On Ice!!!

Nowadays it seems everyone is raging about YOI and they are so right to do so. YOI is a totally different story from K-Project. It is a sports anime, figure skating is the sport. Yuri has just failed his first Grand Prix and has gotten into a slump of his career. In order to get back on track Yuri does what got him into competitive skating in the first place: copying his idol. Yuri skates Viktor Nikiforov routine while he is unknowingly being filmed. The young girls -” ownershis biggest fans”-the owner’s children, that filmed him have taken it upon themselves to post the video online. Viktor sees this and is so captivated by the way that Yuri moves to the music he decides to come to Yuri’s hometown and become his coach. Favorite Characters: Phichit and Yuri Plisetsky

3.) Magi: Adventures of Sinbad

In 2015 my best friend introduced me to Magi and I fell in love. The main reason this is on my favorites is because we get to see how Sinbad and the 8 generals came to know each other: The stories that previously lay unknown. Who would have guessed how Sinbad and young Ja’far as an assassin met. Or how Spartos plays a role even though he is so young. Or the fact that Hina HoHo is massive. All the stories are unique and keep you wanting more. Favorite Character: Ja’far

4.) Free!

I loved both seasons. Free is another sports anime with the sport being Swimming. They all go through their own problems and the anime shows us how they all work through those issues with the help of those friends. This show takes you all over the place and makes you question everything. However, the underlying meaning is along the lines of friends are more important than you could have ever imagined. This show inspired me to keep going even when I thought the world was against me. Favorite Character: Nagisa

5.) Tokyo Ghoul

I have mixed feeling about this show but in the end, I deiced to add it. Tokyo Ghoul follows…ghoul in their adventure to fit in with the normal human world. However, needing to eat flesh and the “Doves” constantly hunting them make it more difficult than you would imagine. This anime is quite good and two of my favorite character are Touka and Hide.

The image I used above is not mine if yours please let me know so I can give proper credit!

See you tomorrow hopefully,



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