Cookies: Updated

First things…well first, I once again apologize for not posting when I clearly said I would. But I am giving myself props for getting a post up on Friday! And I promise there will be yet another post this Friday and even possibly tomorrow. Since I have some free time now I might be able to pre-write the one I want to post tomorrow and outline the one for Friday. If you have any posts or ideas you want my opinion on please leave a comment.

Now on to the main objective of this post. The cookies I planned to make on Christmas eve with my family and best friend. We ended up only making sugar cookies but we were able to make 3 different “kinds” of cookies with one batch. We did plain sugar cookies to frost, ones with a Hersey Kiss in the center, and one with a “hidden” Hersey Kiss.

The recipe we had used we got from my grandmother’s cookbook from the Pioneer Women. Our cookie cutters were on the smaller side so that played to the effect of how many cookies we were able to get out. With the first batch of cookies with the cookie cutters, we didn’t predict them to spread out as much as they did. In the end, we ended up having to go over them again with the cookie cutters to make them look like any kind of shape. Then we broke out a container of frosting and divided it into 6 colors: Teal, rose, red, green, brown, and blue. I let my younger siblings go crazy and we ended up with more sprinkles on the carpet than on the actual cookies.

The next ones we did were the Hersey Kisses in the center. These went the best. All it acquires is baking small cookies than when out of the oven and sat for a few minutes to press the unwrapped Kisses into the center. I love these cookies and have probably already eaten 5.

The last ones were the “hidden” Hersey Kiss ones. All you had to do was take an unwrapped Kiss and put it inside the dough before you bake it. Then when you bite into a cookie that appears to be a plain sugar cookie you get a chocolatey surprise.

In conclusion, they all turned out amazing.

Again if you have any suggestions for post please let me know,

See you Friday,



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