I Sit and Look Out

So I had been going back and forth between actually doing this idea and not. To me it seemed like some of you (whoever is reading this) would think of it as an opt out. However, a stronger part of me was saying that the best way for you guys to get to know me is by showing you one of my favorite writing pieces.

Last year in my English class during our poetry unit we analyzed a few of Walt Whitman’s works. An assignment that we were required to do was create one of our own mirroring his “I Sit and Look Out.” I stumbled upon mine the other day and thought I should share it with everyone I could. Without further to do this is my poem.

I sit and look out and see the happiness of the world, the joy fills every nook and cranny,

I see people swoon falling into the delightful state of blissful love,

I hear little kids scream as they jump out of the recently parked car, racing towards the playground,

I see cheeks raise towards eye filled with wonder as they look up at the roller coaster they were now just tall enough to ride,

I see children tripping over their shoelaces bolting to the ice cream truck clutching the money their mom just handed to them,

I see sugary, strawberry syrup drip onto a toddler’s t-shirt from their ice cream bar, that they are cheerfully eating

I hear the shouts of thrill as a snowball fight forms, and snow goes whizzing over children’s heads,

I hear the shouts of teenagers running down the street in the dark, as they feel the cool breeze in their hair and the feeling of freedom in their soul

I see parents face fill with excitement as their baby begins to take their first steps arms out reaching for something to steady themselves

I see a young lady gasp as her soon to be fiancee gets down on one knee and reaches into his breast pocket to reveal a small box, holding an engagement ring

I hear the exclamations of the nation as the president legalized gay marriage in all 50 states

I sit, hear, watch and am filled with the world’s happiness

Now I am not saying this is perfect but I am very proud of it and hope you all like it.

Also, the picture I have posted is not mine if you made it please comment below so I can give you proper recognition.

See you tomorrow to discuss my cookie adventure,



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