So it may be soon to start posting again but I want to take you guys along on my studying journey for finals. Right now I am currently a Junior in high school taking 6 courses.

Math 3

Marketing Strategies

U.S. History

AP Language and Composition

Spanish 1 (I started my foreign language late)

AP Environmental Science

In this post, I’m going to be discussion general studying tips. If you want how I study for each individual class please leave a comment below.

The main rule I live off of has two parts. Part 1: Do not save everything for last minute and Part 2: Do not overload yourself. This is important because if you take on too much work you increase your stress which in turn decreases your performance. Try to make a schedule for yourself. This could be studying for two subjects slightly a day a week and a half before finals.

You honestly don’t even need your final review packet. Most of the time final are over everything you have covered that year. So, if you know that you were never good at western history for …history class. Then go back to your notes and past assignments and see what questions you got wrong.

Another tool that  really helps me and might sound silly is to make yourself a practice quiz. It’s true you made the quiz so you already know the answers but the task of writing the questions helps cement the information in your mind and going over the quiz when you make it, a few days later, and the night before the test will make it so you won’t get the question wrong when you take the test. However, you do not ever want to make true or false questions because it is very rare to see those on a final exam.

Also rewarding yourself so if you get through one page of your final review packet you get to watch one Youtube video or Netflix episode. Don’t make everything seems like all you get to do is study.

Another thing that helps me is color coating different items. I’m constantly changing my scheme so if you want a post about that please leave a comment below.

Other things that might help.

  1. Eat an apple for breakfast the day of finals
  2. Drink ice water along with your breakfast instead of coffee
  3. Eat pasta for dinner the night before
  4. While studying from a textbook leave chocolates at the top and bottom of the pages and eat the chocolate when you finish reviewing that part
  5. Get 8 to 10 hours of sleep the night before

I hope this helps any of you,



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